Two-color paprika soup


• 20 grams of peppers: red and yellow, carrot

• 30 grams of tomatoes

• 10 grams of onion and butter

• 3 cloves garlic

• 6 grams of cooked rice

• 6 cups vegetable stock

• cream and basil for decoration

• Salt


1. Wash vegetables. Peel and finely chop. Peel and crush garlic with salt. Blanch tomatoes and remove skin. Cut into pieces. Clean the seeds of peppers, rinse and cut into strips. Scrape the carrots and cut into pieces.

2. Fry the onion with garlic butter on a spoon. Divide into two parts and put it into two pots.

3. To one add the red pepper and tomatoes. The second insert yellow peppers and sliced ​​carrots.

4. For both pots pour three cups of broth. Boil for 30 minutes on low heat without lid. Cool.

5. For each soup spoon of butter and add half the cooked rice. Season with salt. Separately, blend and re-heat. Pour into two pots. Whip the cream with a pinch of salt and set aside.

6. With two pitchers (or two chochlami) poured on the plate while the two soup, being careful to not blended.

7. For each serving put a spoonful of whipped cream (you can stick it decoratively spread. Add basil.

Strawberry Cooler


• 1.5 kg mature strawberries

• 2 / 3 cup sugar

• 1 cup milk

• 2 cups water

• 2 egg yolks

• 1 tablespoon lemon juice

• a piece of cinnamon bark

• 1 level teaspoon potato flour

• black berries and whipped cream cream for decoration


1. 1 kilogram of washed strawberries to put in a pot, cover with water. Add half the sugar and cinnamon. Cook over medium heat 10 minutes.

2. Cold milk mixed with potato flour.

3. Set over low heat with a thick bottom saucepan, add egg yolks and remaining sugar. Vigorously stir until the sugar is completely dissolved, and the mass becomes clear cream. Then pour the milk, stirring all the time. Once the mass of thickened (consistency of pudding rare), remove from heat.

4. Blend the cooked strawberries and combine with the mass of yolk. Add fresh strawberries mixed. Set aside in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

5. Serve with blueberries and whipped cream cake. For this perfectly fit the biscuits.