Chocolate Chip Cookies for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not all about Turkey!

How about this delicious and easy to make dessert?

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe


1 scoop sugar
1 package chocolate pudding
2 teaspoons of maple syrup
2 bananas
2 eggs
2 packages of chocolate chips
Some peanuts

How to make it:
Stir the sugar, chocolate pudding and maple syrup in a bowl. Add the bananas, eggs, chocolate chips and peanuts. Bake in oven for 1 minute.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Facebook Cooking Pages

I often look for new recepie ideas on Facebook, its a great resource! So many restaurants and chefs post their menus, that you can often find real culinary gems! I recently started looking for various regional specialties, especially the ones from Central - Eastern Europe (they have some great Christmas recipies!). I found a website that ranks regional Facebook Pages called In my search for regioanl recepie Facebook Pages I found exactly what I was looking for, that is pages from Poland, The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Of course FanPageRanking is not only about Facebook pages dedicated to cooking, but still a useful resource!

Ideas from a new cookbook

I'm testing a new cookbook, so tonight the 2nd recipe. Yesterday I made a chicken pie and it got the thumbs up. Tonight Italian sausage pasta with a bit of chilli this got thumbs up from me but the girls found it too spicy. I do love spicy food, but I understand that it's not for everyone. Some say that spicy food is not good for your complexion either, like chocolate for instance. Well, I never noticed that! I would love to try a variation of this recipe with Chorizo, wonder what the girls would say about that! I'll try to make it less spicy this time, maybe add some more cream too. and tomorrow its time for a very special Spaghetti Carbonara (only not with ham but with salmon!).

Christmas Recipes

I'm going to start making my Gingerbread Biscuits this week! I'll be presenting them at Christmas Fairs over the next few weeks! I'm also experimenting with winter fruit cupcakes recipes, I'm hoping to surprise my guests this Christmas! This must be the most exciting time of the year for every chef!

Gluten-free shortbread?

I've been working on a gluten-free shortbread recipe and, so far, I'm not impressed. Scottish shortbread is one of my favorite sweets, I always get a few boxes when I travel to Scotland and I aslo make them myslef when I run out.

Tomorrow a friend of mine, who is gluten-intollerant, is coming over and staying for a few days. So I;m wondering how to create this specialty for her. I would really love to bake one of my signature dishes for her as I haven't seen her in years!

New Menu

Lots of New Items Added to the Menu! The Brick Oven Garlic Pizza Bread with Melted Mozzarella Cheese is Delicious! For the Health Conscious Two New Salads recently introduced : Orange Blossom + The Chef Salad with Cucumber, Red Onion Rings, Grilled Chicken Breasts, Crutons, Grated French Fries & Our own In House Freshly Made Secret Recipe Dressing which will leave you Tempting for more!